In today's web enabled business, effective network security requires a new layer of web security capable of fully operating at the content level to protect against web based threats from outside and inside the network. The new BlueCoat range meets this requirement in addition to placing a whole range of security features at your disposal. Using an intuitive system of policies you can define your web access and security with ease.

Key Features & Benefits
Complete Content Filtering & Management System, seamlessly integrates into almost any network environment
Web Virus Scanning, across multiple platforms such as Microsoft and Solaris
Complete Bandwidth Management, through advanced web caching and service tagging.
Instant Messaging Control and Security Policy management.
Comprehensive Web usage reporting and monitoring capabilities.

Blue Coat Security
Unmatched ability to secure Web communications – filter inappropriate content, block spyware, scan for viruses, and even discover malicious content inside encrypted SSL tunnels. In addition, Blue Coat works with all leading authentication systems to prevent unauthorized access to sensitive content. As a result of all these features, the threat of security breaches via the Web is minimized.

Blue Coat appliances and software technology help IT organizations secure Web communications and accelerate delivery of business applications for all users across the distributed enterprise - including Internet gateways, branch offices, data centers, and even individual end points. Blue Coat appliances function as intelligent points of control wherever users and applications are connected to the network, and provide these important capabilities.

Proxy Technology


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