Customer Needs, Business Impacts
Deploying firewall, VPN, intrusion prevention, and content filtering both at the perimeter of the corporate network and also within the company, between various departments, divisions, or groups within the company is a basic requirement, however, it is expensive and creates a very complex management overlay. For large enterprises, deploying large numbers of separate physical security devices is expensive and time consuming. Also, implementing and maintaining these separate security domains for each department and external partner/constituent, across multiple network segments is a daunting challenge.

Key Features & Benefits
Crossbeam Systems™ X-Series provides the world’s highest scaling solution for managed security services. VSX creates a huge multiplier effect by running more than 150 virtual firewalls on a single Crossbeam X-Series blade. The X-Series chassis then multiplies this virtualized capacity ten-fold, resulting in an astounding 1500 virtual systems in a single device! In addition, the X-Series provides five nines availability, 40G of line speed throughput and the option to add new security services such as managed anti-virus with no additional equipment required. The result is a highly amortized service infrastructure that supports a profitable business model.


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