New Approach - A Changing World
Security is becoming more complex and difficult. Security threats are constantly evolving and many of the tools in place do not adapt. That leaves many businesses vulnerable. Their is need for a more effective approach to network security, one that makes it easier for companies to cope with the increasing complexity of threats as well as new threats as they emerge. This new security approach is taking shape as technology vendors develop the next evolution in network protection.

The concept can be described as "Adaptive Security Approach" - an integrated, robust security infrastructure. This means that by consolidating applications, resources and equipment, organizations are better prepared to cope with the seemingly endless onslaught of challenges caused by security threats. By reducing the need for disparate hardware and stand-alone security solutions, and by making it simpler to update network security practices, these adaptive systems boost the overall level of defence while simultaneously lowering the skill level required to manage the infrastructure and cutting the cost of  operations.

Adaptive Security - Consolidation and Convergence
The future network security systems need to focus on convergence and consolidation. The idea is to combine multiple functions into a single device or system, enable these combined functions to operate as a coordinated defence (instead of operating independently), and design far more robust administration and management capabilities. This will transform systems from operating as separate technologies in a reactive mode with limited and static detection methods to functioning as a coordinated, proactive threat defense system that adapts to the changing business environment.

Most importantly, these converged systems will not compromise the quality of security in any given category but instead combine the strength of each in complementary ways to deliver a tighter, coordinated defence. While there's no way to avoid all the computing threats that exist, an adaptive approach maximizes the potential of information technology without compromising the need for protection. It opens the door to a new level of defence while shutting the door on problems.

RockSecure believes that these systems will provide multiple benefits:
Improved detection
Greater accuracy in event classification
Lower operating costs
Streamlined administration
Flexibility to integrate new emerging security technologies

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