RockSecure will investigate, evaluate and understand the solutions that best meet your requirements. We consider this as the key to successful yet cost efficient I.T Security planning and deployment.

RockSecure provides our competent Principal Security Consultants that translates Clients requirements definition and problems into appropriate security solutions. They are experts in both hands-on and hands-off security matters. They investigate and analyse security problems and proffer appropriate solutions.

Sometimes, we provide a security consultant to function in a day-to-day capacity similar to a customer senior security analyst to augment existing staff. During the engagement, the client provides direction and management oversight to the RockSecure consultant, outlining scope of work, deliverables, timelines, etc. Deliverables are agreed to by RockSecure and the customer on an ongoing basis.

Timeline to Delivery: Security Consultant engagements tend to have a longer sales cycle because the client is hiring a person, rather than an organization to provide services. The distinction is that the client interviews the proposed candidate to ensure they fit into the organization and had the skills the client requires. The initial engagement is usually for 3 months, but can be extended 3-months incrementally for as many times as the client pleases.

RockSecure provides consultancy services to some of the worlds largest businesses, offering industry aware advice on investment and deployment of new security technologies. As established leaders in security consultancy, we work exhaustively on discovering the most successful and reliable security solutions, bringing informed news to you on your security needs.

From our long-standing culture of providing objective, critical advice on key security issues and expertise in securing core infrastructure layers: Perimeter, Network and the Web, our consultancy services include:

Technical Consultation for Client Requirements Definition
Planning, Provisioning and Deployment of security devices and support services
Project-based Migration and Distributed Upgrade Roll-Out
Security Policy Review Audit and Recommendation
Investigate and Research non-standard security requirements and analyse security problems
Design and Architecture of a rationalised Security infrastructure
Review, development and delivery of IT Security strategy
Determination and Documentation of existing Security estate
Standardization of Security Processes
Creating technical manuals & reports and documenting solutions, procedures and policies

RockSecure brings direct vendor expertise to our customers, through years of experience in designing and deploying the latest security technologies. It is our mission to provide Europe and African businesses with security solutions that are both effective and meet the exact needs of our customers.

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